Now that you see me, 
you can meet the real me.

If you go by a first name other than the one on your eligible Citi-branded consumer credit card, follow the steps below to update your profile.

Being seen is the beginning of everything. That’s why we’re giving our transgender and non-binary customers the choice to have account profiles and credit cards that match who they are.

We stand for trans equality

Believing in growth and progress for all includes growth and progress for trans and non-binary people, too. Citi is a trans-affirmative brand and we will proudly continue the fight for trans and non-binary equality.

Pam Habner she/her/hers Head of Citi U.S. Branded Cards

A credit card that matches you

How to change your first name on your credit card to your preferred name.

  • 1 Log in to your Citi-branded credit card account. (If you have multiple accounts please call the number on the back of your card.)
  • 2 Under Profile, go to Contact Information.
  • 3 Click “Use a Preferred First Name,” enter the first name you go by and click save. We will try to use this name on our communications to you, however, Citi will continue to use your legal first name for certain communications. Additionally, Citi may ask for your legal name for identity verification purposes.

If you have a Citi® banking account, check back for debit card updates.

“Your credit card is a great medium to start saying, ’Hey, I am this person. Here's my card.’”Sarah she/her/hers
Citi colleague

Now that you see me, you can know me.

We’re committed to helping enable an equitable and inclusive culture. That’s why we’ve worked with Mastercard on their True Name feature so our credit card customers can use the name that reflects who they truly are.

We’re with you all the way

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Frequently asked questions on how to change your name

To change your first name to a preferred name on your card, access your Profile through your Citi Mobile App or Citi Online. URL: If you have multiple accounts, please call the number on the back of your card.

Citi single-card customers will be able to request a new card with the preferred name on it through their Profile on Citi Online. Citi credit card customers can call Citi Customer Service to request a new card with a different first name on it. Customers that hold multiple Citi credit cards which are eligible will have to call Customer Service to request. Please dial the number on the back of your card for assistance.

If you have a first name that you prefer we use when speaking to you, we suggest using that name. There are some basic guidelines that you must follow. For example, profane names, numbers, certain symbols, and otherwise offensive language are not allowed. The maximum number of characters is 11.

You can use the name you go by on most of your US Citi-branded consumer credit cards. Some cards are excluded (see below). Customers who hold multiple Citi credit cards must call Customer Service to request new cards. Please dial the number on the back of your card for assistance.

This service is available for existing cardmembers only; you cannot request this change at account-opening. Most Citi consumer credit cards that display the Mastercard or Visa marks are eligible to have the first name on the card changed. However, there are some credit cards that are not eligible: Small Business, Corporate, Professional, Shell | Fuel Rewards® Mastercard®, L.L.Bean® Mastercard®, My Best Buy® Visa® Card, Shop Your Way Mastercard®, The Brooks Brothers Platinum Mastercard®, Meijer Mastercard® and Wayfair Mastercard®. Credit cards that display the American Express mark are also not eligible. This change does not alter the name on your account.

Your replacement card will arrive in the next 4-7 Business Days. As a Citi customer, you can track the status of your replacement credit card online.

You can continue using your current card to make purchases until your replacement card arrives and you activate it.

Currently only Citi-branded credit card customers can have this change made.

New credit card customers should first apply for a credit card and account. Once you’ve been approved, you can use the steps above to change your first name and request a new card.

Citi uses advanced technology to help protect you from fraud whether you're banking online or using your Citi Mobile App. Your security is our priority.

The name on your account will remain your legal name. However, Citi will use your preferred first name on some communications. Additionally, Citi may ask for your legal name for identity verification purposes.

If needed, merchants can reach out to Citi Customer Service by calling the number on the back of the card to verify your identity.

Citi recommends using the name on your card for your online purchases.

Citi card members are recommended to use the name on their AAdvantage account as the name on card when booking American Airlines rewards flights.